ad> Raising artist bemoan financial constrains as a major setback

Raising artist bemoan financial constrains as a major setback for his steady growing music career

Raising artist bemoan financial constrains as a major setback for his steady growing music career

Rising hip hop and Afro fusion artist bemoan financial constraints as major setbacks for his steady growing and promising career and pleads with the ministry and well-wishers to stream his music on online platforms.

 Born Justice Mutsvedu, the fast raising artists said he music needs a lot of investment and resources which he is falling short .

he went on on to say he is ill-equipped in terms of resources which he needs in showcasing his talent which he strongly believes can change people’s lives as he preaches the message of hope and inspiration.

He highlighted that his releases are limited due to financial reasons as music needs a lot of investing especially in studio time and marketing .

The Murambinda born and bred crooner Mutsvedu best known under the moniker “Jilna” in the music industry, is struggling to record his music due to financial constraints.

 Despite his talent, Jilna is finding it difficult to secure recording contracts with prominent studios, citing exorbitant costs.

In a recent interview, Jilna lamented the financial challenges faced by upcoming artists, who are often forced to sacrifice their artistic dreams for menial jobs to make ends meet.

To pursue his passion, Jilna occasionally takes on odd jobs to raise funds for studio time . He however, remains determined to make a name for himself in the music industry, hoping that his talent and perseverance will eventually pay off one day.

“The financial struggles are real. The little money I raise from odd jobs is often not enough to cover the costs of recording, and I also have to help support my parents. Not having a promoter makes it even harder to get my music out there.”

He lamented the rising costs of studio recording, saying, “It’s like they’re taking advantage of our desperation. You’ll go to a studio one day and its $40, the next day it’s $70. How are we supposed to afford that?”

 Jilna believes that established musicians should lend a helping hand to upcoming artists. “Some of us have better lyrics and all we need is exposure. We just need a chance to be heard.” He appealed to the music industry to support emerging talent. “If we work together, we can create something beautiful and take our music to the next level.”

Jilna bemoaned lack of platforms for upcoming artists to showcase their talent. “You have to pay for radio interviews, and without connections, it’s hard to get airplay.”

 He feels that this creates a barrier for talented musicians like himself to get recognized.

The hip hop/Afro crooner also spoke about the discouragement they face from the community. “People look down on us, saying we are just small boys from the neighborhood who think they can make it big,” he said.

Jilna advised fellow upcoming musicians to stay focused and never give up. He said: “Life is what you make it. If you want to be big, you have to dream big.”

His love for music started at a tender age of four, when he began singing in the church choir. As he grew older, he realised that his talent was not only a gift, but also a tool to spread important messages to the community.

 “I want to use my music to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” he said. With a strong sense of purpose, the artist uses his music to encourage youths to make good choices. “I want to tell them to stay away from drugs, bad company, and to love one another,” he said

Jilna needs no introduction in the music circles as he had a chart topping song titled , God’s  grace and his joint project with Muju mix is still making waves in and around Murambinda .

This calls to action all stakeholders to intervene and ensure a level playing ground whilst establishing proper music structures to promote and amplify the voices of change which can be used to tackle society vices in Murambinda.

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