Cooperate with law enforcement agents-ccc Chair urges residents

Cooperate with law enforcement agents-ccc Chair urges residents

Cooperate with law enforcement agents-ccc Chair urges residents in Murambinda.

Residents have been urged to cooperate with police officers as that would swiftly weed out crime and also bring to book those that go about breaking the law.

Murambinda Crime Consultative Committee (CCC) chairperson MR Musa Gwama , said recently while addressing residents in Growth point.

He was speaking during the clientele charter relaunch and he passionately pleaded with the community to corporate with police when they are carrying out their duties in the areas of their jurisdiction .

Mr. Gwama encouraged residents in Murambinda policing area to help police with the much needed information in combating crime which has been rampant especially in the night times.

“WE encourage residents living in the Murambinda policing area and the rest of the constituency to help the police with needed information to curb crime  and work towards creating a crime free society which is safer for all“

He went on to say that, Murambinda residents should work hand in hand with the police officers especially in exposing heinous crime activities happening in the growth point and beyond.

“I also challenge you to be whistle blowers especially with the current drug and substance pandemic which has taken a toll to the younger generations , we need to name and shame the culprits so that they shun away from heinous acts which are destroying the community”, he said .

He ensured that the police will protect the whistle blowers and will never reveal names but only act in accordance with the tipoff.

Mr. Gwama went on to explain the functions of crime consultative committee and its respective duties.

“The crime consultative committee is a board made up of residents which helps the police with information, ideas and suggestions to combat crime in certain areas of interest,” explained Mr. Gwama

District police superintended said, the police mandate is to keep the community safe and crime free in their respective policing areas.He urged residents to have a shared vision with the law enforcement agency.

“As the police our mandate is to ensure a safe community free from crime and we urge our residents to join the fights against crime as we have seen a slight raise in criminal activities and together we can curb all this “said superintended Moyo.

He went on to encourage the youth to shun away from drugs and substance abuse as it is a dangerous road which leads to crime.

“our youth should shun away from drugs and substance abuse, especially illicit brews known as mbatutu or crank, crystal myth (Mutoriro), Bronclear and marijuana all this will lead you to a dangerous road of crime since you will be under the influence, lets focused and shun away from illegal activities as the long arm of law won’t be favorable if you found at the wrong side of the law”, he said.


The Murambinda clientele service charter relaunch was graced by the superintended for administration for Buhera district , Murambinda officer in charge and stake holders which included media , rural district council , Business owners , District administration , among other distinguished guests.

The clientele comes at the right time as Murambinda upsurge in crime rate is a cause of concerned and many residents had lost hope as , cases of stock theft , mugging , property theft and fraud have been rampant in the area .

Hopefully the CCC will impact a change and shed more light on the residents that nothing is wrong for working with the police in bringing perpetrators to the book and creating a better society free from crime

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