Night life has become dangerous for ordinary residents in Murambinda

Night life has become dangerous for ordinary residents in Murambinda

In other trending stories Night life has become dangerous for ordinary people in Murambinda.

There is a number of cases of robbery among other things happening in Murambinda especially in places like Jaru, Masikati and bus termination area.

Thugs are taking advantage of load shedding and the low number of police patrols in Murambinda due to resources with the police station short stuffed.

Reports from various individuals have shown that artisanal miners and drug addicts are the perpetrators of the robberies .Many of these cases are sadly going unreported

Recently this reporter was walking to the growth point from Jaru to the Cabs bank hoping to be the first to get money when I met a man running madly at Murambinda B primary school at around 03:30hours in the morning.

Watching the man I dismissed him as an imbiber who had probably played his cards wrong and running away from his mates or over stayed his welcoming since it was a working day.

When he got closer he shouted saying, “hey please find somewhere to hide they are coming! They have kn!ves and long machetes, please hide” , the man bolted into darkness.

I took my heels towards Murambinda primary school gate and seek refuges there.

When I got to the bank, I heard about a school teacher who was allegedly robbed by drug addicts just behind Jaru bars around 11 pm on his way home.

Many people said Murambinda is becoming a dangerous place to live or walk at night .Places like Jaru, Masikati, and Shava mine, bus rank and Betera were cited as the most dangerous places.

An old Jaru resident identified as Mr. Jiti said people are hopeless.

“Even if the victims report to police the culprits are never brought to book .This has left people afraid of even making the reports. We are no longer sure if the culprits are in cahoots with the police or if the police are afraid of the thugs “, he said dejectedly.

Mr. Zuze of Shava mine said her neighbor was stalked probably from the growth point to his door where the same machete wielding thugs calmly but dangerously told her to handover all her groceries.

Mrs., Phiniel a school teacher said, these crimes are fueled by the drugs which are now awash in the streets and because many of these so called addicts are unemployed they turn to criminals at night.

Another resident Mr. Gwati from Betera said , crystal myth is the root cause of all this , as it is expensive and highly addictive so the youth are partaking in criminal activities as to fuel their addiction , police should intervene and arrest all those selling drugs and illegal substance as it is no longer safe to walk at night.

Many people blamed Zesa for load shedding .Somme blamed the Buhera rural district council for poor lighting of the streets .While others felt the reintroduction of the neighborhood watch committee should be implemented to stop cases of mugging and robberies.

Murambinda police spokesperson said as the police they will never sit on cases despite being short stuffed and ill equipped.

He urged people to make reports at nearest and encouraged residents to whistle blow if they know anyone selling drugs, or who is in possession of suspicious tools.

He also said the police patrols will be increased in the red flagged areas and urges community members to help in this operation.

He urged the public to invest their trust in the police adding that they will do everything in their capacity to bring the culprits to the book.

All this said and done , this calls to action , it is the community which needs to be enlightened on drugs and substance abuse as it is now making the growth point unsafe , awareness campaigned should be amplified and drugs peddlers should be brought to book whilst drug users and addicts rehabilitated as they are now taking tolls on innocent residency .

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