Afro-trap crooner releases a new hit song which already making waves in the streets

Afro-trap crooner releases a new hit song which already making waves in the streets

Afro-trap crooner releases a new hit song which already making waves in the streets as it is a viral sensational because of its infectious hook and catchy chorus.

The local scene has gone buzzing with a new hit single, “love me as I am,” by Murambinda based rising star who has become the local favorite as his song has a viral sensational in and around Murambinda.

 The new single by 19-year-old artist Black Tee  who was born Malvin Chakabva is the talk of the town as it speaks deeply to those who are in love and the strong  believers of  true love in this day and time of mjolo pandemic.

It is a soulful, upbeat love anthem that has captured the hearts of music lovers across the Afrofusion landscape .

His sweet melodies and refreshing sounds echoing the message of true love and hope has helped him to put his message across different demographys.

The afro-pop crooner has managed to capture the hearts of his listeners from onset by singing music which concertize people about really life situations which fans can experience in their day to day lives, making it so relatable.

This time the artist draws inspiration from his love life and made a beautiful track appreciating his partner and showing the power of true love and hope as he digs deeper into the subject matter building a modern true love story in ear where true love is `considered instinct .

 Black Tee wrote the song based on his love story with his girlfriend who he fails in love with instantly when they first meet and their love has grown , and changes his perception of what love really means , which is to love someone is he or she is hence the title “love me as I am”.

Speaking to this publication, he explains how the two meet and they shared moment’s sparked chemistry which lead to the first attempt to compose a love song.

The two met in Murambinda Park a few years ago, and it was love at first sight.

 Black Tee believes in love at first sight and it was all because of the synergy and passion for life, and she was drawn to his creativity and charisma on stage.

 As their relationship blossomed, Black Tee found himself inspired by Nava’s love and support.

 He wrote “love me as I am” as a tribute to their love story, pouring his heart and soul into the lyrics that confront the depth of Nala’s love.

” love me as I am “ is a real life story song dedicated to my girlfriend who has kept me guessing if she is really in love or not.

As the titled suggests, the whole song narrates how I have found a partner who shares with me the same vision and always give me hope in trying times, he said.

 “I decided to pen down all my questions and put them as a song that will serve as a letter telling her to be honest and truthful to me without wasting my time as I am an open book ,” said Black Tee.

The song’s catchy chorus, “Do you love me like I love you? Do you feel the same way I do?” resonates with Black Tee fans everywhere, and became an anthem for other couples in love.

Nala was overwhelmed by the song’s success, but more importantly, the love by Black Tee’s heartfelt gesture.

“Surely l feel proud of being loved and recognized to such an extent. The song is good, interesting and motivating. I promise to love and respect him for the rest of my life,” Nala said.

As the song tops the charts, Black Tee and Nala’s love story becomes a beacon of hope and inspiration for young couples everywhere.

Undoubtly the song is a classic and timeless reminder of the power of love and music to bring people together with love and brings special memories and a testament to the love that sparked a movement,” said Black Tee fan Amanda.

Black Tee needs no introduction in the music scene as he was been dropping chart topping songs ever since he stepped his game up with Ganzaom and Natalie a song about his ex which trended for 7 weeks, sitting on one 1 trending.

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