Mujumix joins the fight against drug and substance abuse

Mujumix joins the fight against drug and substance abuse

Mujumix joins the fight against drug and substance abuse doing what he does the most which is music.

Dancehall sensational and one of the most sought after reggae /dancehall artists  in Murambinda has joined the  fight against drugs and substance abuse on his lead single off  his forthcoming  album titled signs of time which is set to be released at a later date this year.

Takwana Mujuru of the moniker Mujumix has released a new single which serves as warning to the young ones on the dangers of substance and drugs abuse which has become a national pandemic and a menace to the society robbing the youth their dreams and a chance for a better tomorrow.

On the lead single titled warning Mujumix narrates the dangers of an idle mind and how it will lead someone to self-destruction road of substance and drug abuse ,as marijuana is a gateway drug which leads to other hard drugs.

As the title suggests the song is a warning to the community not to indulge in the uptake of illicit substances and drugs which has many repercussions as the artists bemoan shredded social fabric, deteriorating health of users, premature death, mental illness and being caught in the other side of the law among other dangers.

All these repercussions and consequences of heeding away from the reggae-dancehall prophet of Murambinda Mujumix who is singing the sad truth on drug use and abuse echoed with soothing melodies and instrumental to make it a dancehall conscious flavored with good message.

The song is a fusion of dancehall and reggae to give it a refreshing sound with an interpolated busy signal song hard drugs which makes it hard to resists whilst paying attention to the lyrics which resonates with many people in ghetto communities who have seen the impacts of drug abuse in Murambinda and Buhera constituency at large.

The intro on its own build anticipation of what’s coming next and the listener will be glued till the last minute of the song.

In the intro they is a voice of a crying mother bemoaning shredded social fabrics, as the youth are usually intoxicated and no longer respect the elderly and the social norms which makes one ,a being fit living in the society with others encompassing an element of traditional society norms and element of Ubuntu which binds our society. 

The song is housed in a lower BPM as for the artist is yearning for ears and warning his peers about the dangers of substance abuse which has claimed lives in the Growth point and beyond making it a pandemic in the area.

On the bridge, they is a twist using juxtaposition, were the artist’s paints a picture of a user against  his own conscious mind telling him to stop but because it has become a habit he keeps fighting the thought , pushing it to the back of the mind.

The bridge then leads to the a catchy chorus which carries weight as the artist let things out of his chest , warning all the generations on the subject matter bridging the generation gaps with a fusion of pure 90s reggae and contemporary dancehall.

The lines on the chorus, why you keep fighting the good the thoughts, why can’t you listen to that inner voice, look your healthy is deteriorating and your beloved friend have gone in sane, look at yourself want happens to the dream, speaks volume as many youth a just stuck with indecision and due to pressure they cannot make a decision to stop.

With some many examples of youths in Murambinda who are now mentally challenged because of these substance and drug abuse, the song carries weight as it is now a cause of concerning as we in a deep pandemic.

The 3 minutes songs drives deep into the effects of drugs and substance abuse drawing examples to the real life situations on local scale.

The song has a viral sensation as most people can relate and understands the inference in the song plus the catchy hook which earned him a couple of spins at local radio stations.

Speaking to this publication the artists said , he draws his inspiration from the society and seeing drugs and substance abuse taking toll on his peers made him join the fight to raise awareness and hinted that his album which also carry more songs on the subject matter as he is just a voice of Murambinda.

Mujumix needs no introduction in showbiz, his discography which includes hits like Murambiwa, Journey, reggae artist from Murambinda and his debut single my name is mujubanton which become an instant hit and solidifies his position in the game.  

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