Murambinda rangers maintained its unbeaten run after sharing spoils with murambinda fc in south-side derby

Murambinda rangers maintained its unbeaten run after sharing spoils with murambinda fc in south-side derby

Murambinda rangers maintained its unbeaten record after coming out of Sostan Stadium with a point in an action-packed derby to the stubborn council owned Murambinda fc which proves not to be a walkover.

The draw was enough to see Murambinda rangers maintaining their lead at the top of the Buhera region Soccer League log table and Murambinda fc moving one place up the relegation zone.

Murambinda fc woes continues as they start the game with an early lead in the first half and a penalty by the mighty Chris Dzoma serves as the equalizer in the last minutes to deny them 3 points which could have saved them from the relegation red zone.

In a post-match interview at Sostan stadium, rangers coach Egypt Shoko acknowledge that the derby was an overwhelming experience especially at Sostan and applauded  his side for not giving up and keep fighting till the last minute.

He went on to Praise his team’s fighting spirit, citing their dedication and teamwork as key factors in their comeback to find the much needed equalizer .

“We’ve been working hard in training, and it’s paid off today. The boys deserve credit for their effort , fighting spirit and discipline”, he said with a smile.

The derby alway bring that tense atmosphere and it highly competitive between both teams .

Both teams will bring in the best and give it all blood , sweat and tears just to register a win.

The derby always brings the competitive spirits of both sides as they try to outsmart each in the field drawing huge crowd and attention in Murambinda growth point.

The game started in slow pace and gained momentum as the game proceeds with Murambinda rangers dominating on possession and Murambinda fc making tight and playing defensive football in the first 20 minutes.

It is a score by the young Chitumbura which changes the momentum of the game totally.

A superb drilling by Takudzwa Zireni driving his opponents from the wing going forward who then crossed a lowball to Chitumbura who then finessed with a shot in the net in the 34th minute of the game.

Loud cheers could be heard and is was hats off for Chitumbura with the precision, the goal left many in awe as it was a classic and hopefully the goal of the tournament.

The goal boasted Murambinda fc confidence and morale as they take charge and the mighty rangers were under attack but they managed to ease the pressure and were relentless.

It was now paced football as rangers was trying to find an equalizer early but wasted many chances with Waddington Charuza their striker not in his best form.

In the 40th minute Charuza meets with the goalkeeper in a one on one situation and could not find the net with a chip which went over bar.

A back pass in 43th minutes could have given Murambinda fc a 2 goal lead but the rangers goalkeeper comes in with a save.

 The second half was spectacular as both teams were on its best and fans were in for a treat from the Southside derby.

Football was displayed, and rangers had picked its usual form but could find the back of the net with Murambinda fc goalkeeper doing the most.

Mashashela Evington the rangers playmaker was dominating on the mid with his dribbling skills and pace whilst the young Chitumbura from Murambinda fc was playing clinical football with his team armband.

The two players who are greatly talented were the talk of the town before the derby and they lived up to the expectations by their fans despite the match being a tough one.

It was in the 83th minute of the game when rangers counter attacked Murambinda fc from the left wing to find Mashashela who then drive the ball before he cross the ball to find Charuza who executed with precision to the far right post.

The rangers fight till the last minute trying to register a win whilst Murambinda fc pressed a foot and proves not to be a walkover as it put an end to the 13 consecutive wins.

Rangers will face Officers mess in their next fixture whilst Murambinda fc will face Betera fc in the 15th week of Buhera region soccer league , as is stands the rangers have better opportunities to lift the trophy if they continue in their fighting spirit and for Murambinda fc every grey cloud has silver lining and time will tell.

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