Murambinda applauds the government for blessing them with a state of art stadium

Murambinda applaud the government for blessing them with a state of art stadium

The Murambinda football fraternity has applauded the government for blessing Murambinda with a state of art stadium at the B secondary arena, giving them a chance to witness and enjoy both domestic games and top flight league games in the home area.

The state of art stadium comes at the right time when local teams were struggling in hosting their home matches which were now hosted in neutral venues and they have being struggling to  travel for both home and away games leading to them forfeiting many away games due to financial constraints .

The development is an answered prayer to Buhera best team which has resorted to use Mandava stadium as their home ground whilst domestic league, eastern division conference and tournaments were now being hosted at Sostan stadium housing 3 teams in one ground due to the lack of proper stadium as of the football board specifications.

 The new stadium has ended the woes of playing home matches away from the actual home which proved to be straining the clubs financially and psychological as the team’s morale was deteriorating and the team is in bad shape since their promotion to top flight league.

 Manicaland province had only 2 standardized stadium for the premier league games which are Mandava stadium and Sostan, so the Murambinda stadium will be the home ground for both Manica diamond and Buhera best football club.

 Local football experts who gathered for the second quarter domestic Football Stakeholders Forum in Murambinda have expressed their utmost gratitude for the construction of the stadium as it is a stride in the right direction to uplift and develop football in the region.

The forum chairperson, MR. Muza, applauded the government efforts and affirms the fraternity that the football landscape will change positively with local teams having a local pitch to call home-ground.

Addressing stakeholders MR. Muza, said “it is high time we start to payback the good deeds by the second republic which includes the stadium and changing rooms, and we can repay all this by up scaling our performances, paying our dues to the sporting and recreation committee and Zimbabwe football association whilst ensuring a level playing ground in the league” he said.

He went on to say, it is the fraternity which can help with the upkeep by being responsible and accountable as the government has played its role.

“It is now up to us as the stakeholders to remain united and vigilant by safekeeping this state of art stadium, it is our home ground, and this means we are fully responsible for the maintenance and upkeep through monthly subscriptions and gate takings during matches” he said.

 Former Buhera councilor and a renowned sponsor of many annual tournaments Pride Machimbidza shared the same sentiments and encouraged the responsible authorities to be transparent and fair on the use of the ground as in some instances stakeholders will want to use the ground for their personal benefits neglecting the football fraternity and the community who is the customer in this case.

He went on to say that, the stadium is a positive stride in developing players, so let us use it to our advantage in developing the sport in Murambinda.

Another forum member who was identified as Mark applauds the governments on its efforts to bring top flight league games to their community through Murambinda B arena and was hoping more teams from Buhera will make it in the premier league since now they have the ground.

A prominent sports reporter Takwana Mujiri was of the view that the stadium should cater for all including housing the newly formed junior academy as it is a community ground.

He went on to express his gratitude to the government and sports recreation for remembering his hometown with a state of the art stadium and top notch changing rooms.  

Mr. Praymore Sithole a division coach, who is the forum treasurer urges all stakeholders to join hands in developing the beautiful game of soccer by being fair in the field.

“as the stakeholders we need to join hands as of now and going forward in ensuring a level playing field for all, many players are disheartened by incidents were the game was deemed not fair or incases were the decision being influenced by external forces, it is high time we see good games in the domestic league “he said.

 Buhera best fc is the only team from the are in the top flight league after being promoted 2 seasons ago and it has been struggle to pick form which saws it escaping relegation with a whisker and up to date it has forfeited most of the away matches mentioning financial constrains as they were travelling for both home and away matches.

Hopefully since it now has a place to call home, it will pick the form and deliver, with a state of art stadium and modern changing rooms to their rescue.

Domestic league has also been housed in this development as many tournaments will be hosted at the B arena as well as schools districts , cluster and provincial games.

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