FOOTBALL fans have raised concern over Murambinda Fc board for delaying to appoint a new coach

FOOTBALL fans have raised concern over Murambinda Fc board for delaying to appoint a new coach

FOOTBALL fans have raised concern over Murambinda Fc board for delaying to appoint a new coach following the unfair dismissal of Tonderai Mahamba and the technical staff due to the alleged incompetency and contract breach.

Football fans in Murambinda have aired their concern over the council owned team Murambinda fc over delays in appointing a new coach, leading to the bad performances by the club in the Manicaland western conference league which resumes its second leg games recently.

The Manicaland western conference league second leg games which kick started on Friday saw the team continuing their training  without a coach once again, making club supporters worried-sick as they have been assured that the team will return to second legs with a substantive coach.

The fixtures have been published and it is are not looking well for Murambinda fc which is set  to play Suro Suro stars at Saston stadium , before they play  log leaders Ndlovhu pirates  at Murambinda B stadium the following weekend.

Fans are worried sick , as the  board members have not honored their  promise of finding a substantive coach before the second leg resumes but now we almost in it , and the team is in bad shape as the log standings can say it all.

Fans are clearly blaming the board for not acting in urgency to the matter and some are even rooting for Mahamba to be reinstated since they cannot find someone to fit in his shoes.

Speaking to this publication fans have expressed their concerns of the situation and the current state of the council owned team which is now herding for relegation zone.

One Tellme Tarutira was of the view that, the council and board members are in a tug of war with conflicting interests, and it is making a toll  on the team , finding a substantive coach with the club interests at heart  is not a hard thing to do , he said.

“the delaying in appointing of  a new coach to our club is worrisome , as it seems the big elephant in the room is the stakeholders who are playing tug of war with conflicting interest each one vouching for his own were they benefit  the most whilst no one is putting football first or the clubs interest but serving their  own interest”, he said.

Another stanch supporter of Murambinda fc Billy Muzadzi aired his views saying, he is greatly disappointed in the delays by the board members in appointing the new coach as the return leg is almost at its peak and still the team has not found stability because they is no head coach.

Samuel Muza said, it is high time the council put its house in order or will suffer loss at 2 fronts.

“as a football enthusiast I encourage the council owned club to put its house in order or else we starts to boycott by not attending home games because the outcome is becoming obvious, as for now the turn-out for Murambinda fc home game is decreasing and the gate takings are relatively less because the team is not performing well yet it got the players and everything except a good coach, we tired of coming to the game to see new starting players everyday” he said.

Memory Tauritira one of the diehard fans said, the process is becoming a bit slow, let’s just reinstate Mahamba till the end of season and stir the game , as all this have an impact of the pitch.

She went on to say that up to now the players have no known combinations, there are playing experimental football every game and as a renowned club we cannot afford to do that, she said.

Another fan, who was identified as Bento said, this situation needs to be dealt with urgency because Murambinda fc will suffer a heavy blow with players exodus as there are lot of good players in the clubs but they hopes are dying because there is no coach, lets address our misunderstanding with Mahamba and structure a new contract with him till the season end as for now you killing players dreams.

As fans, we just want the council to do us a favor and appoint a substantive coach for the club.

“ In a recent statement, the board members said it was in the process of selecting a right candidate for the job but it is taking long now , the second leg has returned still we do not have a coach this is disgrace to the club and community at large” Tawana Muza said .

Contacted for comment the Secretary General Michael Kapondo, said they heard the outcry and the board has already shortlisted candidates for the job, now left with the selection process and interviews which are to be done in no time.

Asked if they are going to reinstate the former coach Mahamba, the secretary general stammered in dodging the questing by just saying we assure of legion of supporters that we have the interest of the club at heart and we are going to turn the wheel in the right direction, he said.

Murambinda FC is currently sitting 2 place above the relegation zone and is has only registered 4 wins and a couple of draws this season   under the stewardship of Mahamba ever since he was fired they have never registered a win.

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