Unfolding the scandalous love triangle of our time in Murambinda which left many shocked with the turn of events.

Unfolding the scandalous love triangle of our time in Murambinda which left many shocked with the turn of events

Unfolding the scandalous love triangle of our time in Murambinda which left many shocked with the turn of events.

In the awake of events of the video circulating on social media, and a trending story of a love saga involving 2 prominent people of Murambinda and of late the saga has a new twist in the civil courts with the other part filing for uncontested divorce.

The case brew shocker from the onset and here is the development to the story of a love saga involving a St Ingo ministries founder Prophet Martin Sabende, who was caught red-handed in bed with the wife prominent businessman Pikitayi Mathole who happens to be his close friend and congregation member of his church.

It is alleged that the self-proclaimed Prophet was seeing his friend’s wife for a time and they were travelling the world in the name of church business.

The wife is now  filing for uncontested at the civil court through her legal practitioners, the Sinyoro and associate legal firm stating that their matrimonial union was irretrievable and both parties have agreed to go their separate ways.

In the twist of events, the wife of businessman is filing for divorce uncontested saying, their matrimonial union was broken a longtime to a point using separate bedrooms due to the husband’s infidelity.

In a statement she alleged that, legally we were still married but their matrimonial union was irretrievably broken and caused her so many traumatic experiences over the course of time, hence it is the perfect time to go they separate ways in an amicable manner, and they is nothing she really want from the husband on community of property, she said.

She went on to say that the Husband has been abusive over the years, as she suffered a miscarriage due to beatings and she was not allowed to attend church services anymore or have female friends at the house.

She also highlighted that, their love had died a natural death and they were just co-habiting for close to half a decade using separate bedrooms.

 Contacted for comment the husband refuted all the allegations being put against him and said he wasn’t really aware of the development as he said it is strange news to his ears.

“I am actually shocked with the allegations levelled against me, not in my lifetime I have raised my hand to beat my wife or abused her, this is strange news to me, despite everything happened my wife was free to do anything, we have lived and loved each other and I have been always faithful to my beloved wife”, he said.

He went on to say that , “he is not aware of any divorce papers as they were not in talking terms with his estranged wife  and advised the reporter to contact his lawyer for a  comment on all legal issues” , he said with a shaky voice .

Many conspiracies have been thrown on the issue some alleging that the wife is dumping the businessman to be with his prophet boyfriend as they were seen together in Dubai amidst all the drama and the community is divided over the issue.

On the other hand the prophet had issued a public statement in a written form to the church members and community over the disturbing incident and he poured out his heart in the letter and asks for forgiveness as his marriage and ministry is on the line.

The letter clearly stated that he had no excuse over the incident and he is praying to god for forgiveness and strength to continue with the ministry.

Prophet wife asked for privacy and distances herself from all this, when contacted for comment on the issue, she told this reporter that she had no comment and asks for privacy during these hard times as she is solely focusing on his family and church.

Residents are still in shock of the trending issue, one Tendai Soto, said this is not expected from prophet, let alone committing adultery with your best friend’s wife and still you continue with the relationship, this is not right, he said.

One Charles Pandi was of the view that love scandals are dangerous game and the community as a whole should be concerned as many crimes of passion emanates from these incidents.

He went on to say, “as the community we should bring our heads together and stop fuelling hate over the issue as it is a dangerous situation which needs to be resolved”

He also said we should consider third parties like children , relatives and close associates of these families , they is a lot in their plates right , let just tone down as a society because mental health is real and lets not be catalysts by making jokes out of it.

A member of the church who refused to be named said, the incident tainted the church’s name but we shall pray about it as we all humans, and we should forgive one another and move on with life.

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