A growth point that’s awakens in the night time like a nocturnal giant full of good energy and vibes

A growth that’s awakens in the night time like a nocturnal giant full of good energy and vibes

A growth point that’s awakens in the night time like a nocturnal giant full of good energy and vibes

If you pass around Murambinda growth point (GP) in the day time you will probably think it is a quiet, chilled GP with little to no movement only travelers and vendors on their daily routines not knowing it is a nocturnal giant which roars to life in the night time with a vast of activities lined up from Sunday to Monday non-stop.

You will be in shock with the hive of activities which kick start at dawn till the wee hours of the next day, catering for all your needs till satisfaction,  if you are an outgoing person do check it out .

It is one of the places were revelers goes home the next day  early in the morning as the nocturnal giant offers all sorts of fun and in all packages.

210 kilometers away from the capital city Harare and 170 kilometers from the provincial capital Mutare lays this nocturnal giant with a flare of good vibes during the night times and it is an amusement park.

With notable increase in guest houses, state of art night clubs, Chisa nyama (braaing spots), air bread and breakfast, pub and grills and hides-outs, to cater for all, it has become the central meeting point for the young and elderly where they mix and mingle without a fuss and it is all good vibes.

Drawing people as far as Shava Mine, Makumbe turnoff, Jones turn off, Miles , Dorowa, Gombe, Betera and Chiurwi all flocks for the unforgettable nightlife experiences which comes in all shapes and forms in the small Growth Point.

Starting with elegancy Chari brother’s modesty air bread and break hideout situated along Mutare, Nyazura highway on the far right to the roadside, it is a house of classy and success as it is called by many locals.

The place is well built and fully furnished air BnB with vintage wooden furniture giving the queen Victoria era feel with an in-house bar selling a wide range of cocktails and export brews from the east and west.

The place got famous for serving ice cold exotic drinks at a fair price and jazz nights attracting the rich and upper middle class with a rich taste hence the name the house of success.

The Chari brothers place is favorable due to its privacy and it is a place to make connections and networking.

 You can make business connections or meet potential investors there because the place attracts, intellectuals, lawyers, businessman and politicians.

Most of the influential people are found there after working hours, sipping exotics brews discussing business with a township jazz playing on the low.

Then there is kwaMorris, the new sheriff in town, which made name due to its good clientele services and standardized prices accommodating all age groups at the same time.

 The newly opened joint is making waves with its infectious ladies night, super Saturday and the patron’s special promotions which draws multitudes and definitely you are in for a treat.

The infectious ladies night is the talk of the town and the turn-out is huge every Thursday night.

They is also another hideout worth to mention, the famous Elasto night club proved a powerhouse.

Elasto night club is one of the oldest in town and have seen many clubs come and go but it has stands the test of time , and maintained its standards of selling alcohol at fair prizes and being the powerhouse of sungura and the Zimbabwean  rich music.

You would not have toured Murambinda without mentioning the Chisa Nyama by Buhera turnoff, the perfect braaing spot, were you find quality meat and ice cold beer at the pump price.

As the name suggest the place is quite vibrant drawing attention from truck drivers, pirate tax drivers and vehicle owners as it has also a night car wash services and a truck stop.

Patrons who speaks to this reporter acknowledges the claim that Murambinda is a nocturnal giant and it has been like that.

One Thabani Sande said, the growth point is the place to be after work and it has been always like even back in the days of Paul Mpofu the singer of the hit song Murambinda (ndakabva naye kwaMurambinda).

Tendai from Shava mine said people flock in the growth point because of affordability and for socializing purposes after work.

“Almost everything is affordable in Murambinda unlike outskirts bars and pubs, hence people will opt to come and drink in the growth point whilst socializing with other patrons.

One of the club managers who refused to be named said, Murambinda is very vibrant in the night as man usually follows the ladies of the night and here they are quite a lot so it is good business, he said.

The hive of activities is really unbelievable but the rest assured it is a nice peaceful place where people just dine and wine till the weekend and the energy is amazing.

However the lifestyle and the nightlife has been in thorn in the flesh for those parents with bush boarders who stays in the growth point as they are usually disturbed by the activities of the night.

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