Local Nurse aide starts a foundation to help nurse aides with COS

Local Nurse aide starts a foundation to help nurse aides with COS

Local Nurse aide starts a foundation to help nurse aides with COS for those willing to go and work in the united kingdom as career giver.

Mrs Vivian Machokoto who was a care-giver for almost 2 decades before deciding to come back home and help others who wants to work oversees in whichever way she can.

Speaking to this publication at the foundation launch , Mrs Machokoto said it is always a dream come true for her to serve and helping others to realize their dreams and change their lives.

She went on to say that , a number of people were dumped their hard earned money by the fraudulent companies and individuals selling them false hope.

These heart-breaking stories made the businesswoman turned philanthropists to starts a foundation which helps people with certificates of sponsorship for UK employees.

Certificate of sponsorship ( COS ) is a prerequisite for someone who wants to week in the United Kingdom before they awarded a visa for skilled or sponsored work route.

Mrs Machokoto during his open remarks said a new dawn of transparency , trust worthy and assistance have arrived , as the foundation is here to help out of their big heart.

Partnering with fellow Zimbabwean in the UK to give a hand to those willing to migrate and work in UK, due to the pushing factors of economic hardships and the cost of living back home.

Many Africans have been abandoning their profession to take care giving courses in search of greener pastures overseas, she said.

The foundation so far has helped more-than 30 individuals and including less privileged who are set to fly in to leeds and starting working.

The foundation through several partnerships will also ensure their warfare in the first quarter , and will assists in any-other way till the migrants are now settled.

Officials from the ministry of healthy who graced the launched applauded the efforts by Mrs Vivian Machokoto as many people were duped and lost the valuables in the process of migrating to greener pastures.

Mr Jowa , said the foundation is a greeter initiatives which will help many people who are trying to make ends meet and it will reduce cases of theft and fraud among unsuspecting citizens who are duped from time to time because of lacking know-how.

Mrs Machokoto promised to impact knowledge through workshops and some in-house training and tips on process of getting visa and the importance of COS .

The Republic police up to now have over 50 pending cases were the suspects are still at large after duping people , promising to help them with the UK Visa.

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