University of Namibia enrollment for 2024 in progress

University of Namibia enrollment for 2024 in progress

University of Namibia enrollment for 2024 in progress .

The University of Namibia (UNAM) enrollment for international student is underway.

The information was published through a press statement by the university , marketing and publication department.

The press statement mentioned , programs available and the cut off points , as the semester is about to commences anytime soon.

Faculty of engineering has the highest cut off points for foreigners as both male and female students should have at-least 15 and above points to study civil and mechanical engineering.

Survey , mining research, ventilation and metallurgy programs also requires the same cut off point as the latter from the department.

Faculty of industrial commerce and business administration has limited its recruitment for foreign students due to unstated reasons, two programs are available for the March intake , which are procurement and marketing whilst the rest are for the later intake.

The academic board and foreign students affairs makes the remarks through the department secretary saying preference in the faculty of industrial commerce and business administration is being given to local students except some special cases were international students have put a reasonable petition through the same board.

The rest of the students are supposed to apply in the other faculties or opt for procurement and marketing if they are willing to study under the fore-mentioned faculty.

Law faculty is recruiting foreign students who have excelled in the arts advanced level exams , and the cut off points is 13 for females and 15 point for boys willing to study roman-dutch law, business law , contractual law and legal consultants degrees are based on merit , one should write a motivation letter attached to the application why they want to study those and experience is an added advantage.

Law faculty is also offering short courses for international students , in the same field and faculty the courses range from 3 month to 6 months depending with the area of study.

Faculty of human resource is open for august intake with limited spaces for international students who are on scholarships specifically governmental and rotary scholarships to mention a few.

Other short courses on offer includes hospitality and tourism, basic accounting , journalism , creative writing and mechanical engineering offered in the march intake.

Short courses are entered on basic entry level be it O level, metric or advanced level studies in the related area.

Students should have original birth certificate, certified copies of academic certificates and valid passport upon application.

Mature entry for international students is based on experiences and proven references for one to be considered.

The university student board will assists foreign students with study permits and registration.

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