The story of local Valentino and her mysterious love triangle in the big city of Mombasa

The story of local Valentino and his mysterious love triangle in the big city of Mombasa and had shocked many.

In the awake of events a university student brew shocker as her mysterious love triangle was uncovered and left many awed once again.

The incident is the talk of the town , and the whole community started to give inference of the myth of the most beautiful lady , Valentine and or Miss Monroe of the modern day and age after it was discovered she dating about 5 high profile boyfriends at once.

The girl who was nicknamed the local Valentino due to her February shenanigans, 2 days after the actual valentines day celebrations after posting all the gifts she received in one post.

Mixed feelings were also shared in the process, as some shared the sentiments of a too liberal society whilst others are of opposing views .

The story has been subject to many interpretations and narratives and left the community divided into fractions.

An authentic source has told this publication that the whizkid who happened to be dating a pool of different guys just for entitlement since she comes from a rich background.

It is alleged that on the 15 of February ,she received lavish goodies from her collective boyfriends including one of the sort after car , Mercedes Benz GLE , and a vacation trip to United Arab Emirates .

All this comes to light when one of the boyfriends posted on his Instagram handle , showing off what he has get for her girlfriend and people noticed the similarity from the local Valentino.

Instagram was awash with messages , people tagging the modern day Valentino who seemed to be unmoved by the incident and continue to live life fully.

Four boyfriend come out publicly confessing that they were involved in this love mess, whilst it is alleged that the girl uses juju to lure man and she seemingly winning .

Residents were left awed , one Tendai Soto , said the girl is on to something and the fact that people loved her so much , it causes commotion in the neighborhood .

One Charles Pandi was of the view that love scandals are dangerous game and the community as a whole should be concerned .

One Petronela applauded the girl for her unapologetic behavior and opening up

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