Junior councilors urged youth to read around scholarships and stay focused on the future

Junior councilors urged youth to read around scholarships and stay focused on the future

The recently elected junior councilor Malvin Tau , urges youth of  school going age to be well read and stay focused on the future.

Junior councilors urged youth to read around scholarships and stay focused on the future.

He went on to say , youth should shun extra curricular activities and invest their time in reading material about scholarships and internships.

He added , that being well read gives youth a deeper understand needed for outsourcing scholarships and internships out there as their vast opportunities waiting for those who are focused.

Scholarships are really helpful and youth should take this serious as it shapes their bright future and chases their dream careers.

Being well read helps youth to make informed decisions in as far as scholarships, internships and opportunities are concerned , he added.

Giving inference to the local scholarships like Joshua Nkomo scholarships and higher life foundation which empowers the less privileged ,and those willing to pursue their dream career.

He also encouraged youth not to be limited and aim higher as it is worth trying to apply for Harvard univerSity , Oxford and UNISA scholarships.

Junior Cllr  said youths constitute the largest populace, hence they are the future ,enlighten them and help them focused ensures a brighter future to the nation as a whole.

He went on to say , the youth should partake more industrial training , attend budget consultation meeting and contribute their points towards education funding as it will give them a voice.

Stakeholders who attended the swear in ceremony of junior councilors and child parliamentarians also applauded the latter for encouraging other youth to be well read and staying focused.

Miss Taurek said her company is will to offer industrial attachment , internships and scholarships to those who will excel in their studies from now going further , she said.

Another stakeholder and former education officer Mr Turah said parents should support their children’s dream and offer the much career guidance needed.

The child mayor Rue Benson , said the presidential scholarship scheme should be more inclusive and well advertised on all media platform for a wider reach, as those in the remote areas are oftenly excluded due to the imbalanced flow of information.

She went on to say that information should be equally distributed and first preferences should be given to these marginalized communities as they tend to benefit less from these scholarship programs.

More so scholarship boards and committees should ensure , eligibility criteria which is fair to those living in remote areas who are heavily disadvantaged , by compromising on application process to include both electronic and physical copies.

Another advanced level benefactor of Beam , shared the same sentiments saying the scholarship system aide students to pursue their dream career especially in these hard hitting times.

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