Intern Football Club (IFC) in fresh turmoil, head coach , technical team jumps off the ship

Intern Football Club (IFC) in fresh turmoil, head coach , technical team jumped off the ship

Intern Football Club (IFC) in fresh turmoil as the head coach and his technical teams jumps off the ship due to unknown reasons.

The head coach was the first one to throw in the towel before the whole technical stuff jumped of the ships in solidarity with the latter.

The club which has faced trial of challenges from player exodus, financial instability and executive conflicts are now faced with fresh problems of who will take the wheels.

As the new season is about to kick off, this is a draw back for the team which was optimistic, to turn the fortune wheel around as the finished league last year fighting relegation.

This will be a big blow to the team in general as the whole plans derailed for the upcoming season with the unexpected turning of events.

The 2024/25 Premier Season is expected to start next month the few players registered are

  on suspension due to not meeting the financial obligations of registering players on time.

All this may have probed the head coach and his colleagues, to seek greener pastures in foreign land and a top flight league.

Interim coach decision is yet to be made, as the board members schedule a meeting to reach a consensus.

 Club chairman confirmed the departure saying the technical team and the head coach has jumped of the ship, for a new expedition and the reasons are still misty.

 He refused to shed more light on the club standings and way forward.

Effort to get a full comment on the coach will fruitful in the last minutes but he intentionally avoided the question why.

 “For now I don’t have much to comment, but what I can say is that it is true that I have handed my resignation letter with pure intentions, you can confirm with the team manager there,” he said.

 He rubbished reports linking him to, a Division One team as a head coach or the exciting package from the rivalry teams.

Other football enthusiast suggests that the former Intern Football club executive who was fired is behind the resignation as he is building a team abroad.

  IFC   team management are not willing to renew contracts of other members as  it is said that they owe them huge amounts of signing on fees which will be difficult to meet before the season begins considering the clubs financial woes. The club secretary general said he is unaware of the development at the moment , and confirms that the head coach has tendered his resignation and , the will meet as the club to discuss way foward.

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