Eastern province continue to shine and produce quality results

Eastern province continue to shine and produce quality results

In the recently published results Advanced level results the province topped the list with a major improvement on the number of students with 15 points and above.

This year they was a major stride going upwards with a margin of over 196 going upwards as compared to the previous year.

 Advanced Level results continues to improve as 474 candidates managed to score 15 points or better in the November A-Level exams, up from 278 from the previous year.

The Anglican run School once again emerged as the province’s unrivalled academic giant with 44 candidates attaining 15 points and above.

 Of the 44 candidates three candidates had 25 points, 14 had 20 points and 27 had 15 points resulting in a 100 percent pass rate for the school.

The Provincial Education Director (PED) , said the improvement from last year’s results was encouraging as 47 candidates with 15 points and above , it is a major stride to see the province maintaining its top position.

 “At the top is Anglican school, which had 44 candidates with 15 points or better, followed by, day school, from Mutare  High and August house  School on second position with both schools having 35 candidates attaining 15 points and above,” he said.

He said there was remarkable improvement in the schools’ performance across the province as he applauded as the top performing district.

 “There is a significant improvement in the quality of our passes from the previous year, a jump from 278 to 474 candidates attaining 15 points and above.

 Breaking down ,the districts performance the southern districts topped the chart.

 The top performing district with 122 candidates, followed by Mutare district with 110 candidates, Eastern district with 88 candidates, Chipinge district with 56 candidates, Buhera district with 36 candidates, Nyanga district with 33 candidates and Chimanimani district with 29 candidates,” said Shumba.

In the recently published results, Roman Catholic run  came in fourth position with 30 candidates, one candidate having attained 25 points and 11 candidates with 20 points with the remainder 18 with 15 points, followed by Anglican run St David’s Girls High School with 28 candidates, 10 of whom attained 20 points and 18 attaining 15 points.

 These were closely followed by St Joseph’s High School Mutare and Irvine’s  High School, Buhera with 21 candidates attaining 15 points and above respectively.

 “Our candidates performed exceptionally well and the quality is much better than 2022.

The pleasing thing is that this feat was achieved inclusive of schools from rural and peri-urban as well as day schools.

 Let me take this opportunity to congratulate school heads, teachers, candidates and parents of those schools that excelled.

 I would also like to urge those presiding over schools that did not do well to go back to the drawing board and strategized that they do better this year,” he added.

Other provinces were slightly legging behind with on average of 7 % below the highest and the national education director encourages other provinces to be consistent .

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