Kariba strike wave , has a new executive committee which is expected to turn the wheel around

Kariba strike wave , has a new executive committee which is expected to turn the wheels around this forth coming season

Kariba strike wave , has a new executive committee which is expected to turn the wheel around.

Community owned Kariba Wave Strikers, popularly known as the bullet, has a new executive committee which is expected to turn the wheel around.

The new executives lead by Todd are expected to turn the fortune wheel around as the club is facing many challenges at the moment marred by disputes and chaos in the club day to day running .

Todd is the new chairperson of the executive, vice chairman is Elton, while Elwin is the
secretary and will be deputized by Hovi who used to be the interim secretary general, Treasurer is Rodrick
and his deputy is is Sonda.

Simba Mazinga is the new organizing secretary and the following are the team committee
members: Dorla, Serge B ,Eris , Vee Mase and Ian .

The reshuffle was meant to bring in fresh ideas which can change the fortunes of the club as
it is looking to gain promotion to southern Division One Soccer League this
coming season after a long dry spell.

Kariba Wave Strikers vice-secretary, said his side is aiming at the championship at all costs and has already started preparations and hopefully the new executives will bring the old glory days and break the 4 year hiatus.

The team which was struggling in both financial and management wise has forfeited more than a third of last season games due to disputes and legal issues .

Recently they played a friendly match against Lake Harvest in the local Stadium and suffered a
1 nil defeat as they were a bit rusty and made blunt mistakes.

During the previous season, the team was not stable and used to struggle to fulfill away matches as the community members started to neglect their team due to some in-house division and poor performance.

Kariba Wave Strikers used to be one of the top flight teams with potential before everything started to nosedive ,and they run out of fortune which see them only registering 5 wins and 3 draws last season.

It is the community dream to see the newly elected executives to hit the ground running and perform their due duties and turn the wheel of fortunes and bring the trophy home.

Fans still reminisces of the old good days of Irank Tova , Tobulala haine , and the unstoppable Phiri brothers who were scoring machines and keeps the team afloat.

Home and away games used to sellout the stadiums to its full capacity not as compared to the current stadiums were fans have loses hope on the team.

The home match turn up is not as exciting as it used to be before, low turn out are registered at every home game.

The community team was relegated from Southern Region Division One Soccer League half decade ago and have since been struggling to return to top flight football despite having a top tier home ground.

Waves Strikers was formed in 1963 as a local authority football club and their home ground was the council owned in the town’s oldest high-density area.

Fans have high hopes that the newly elected board will resurrect the sleeping giant to its glorious days as people have missed a treat of premier league because of the relegation.

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