Foreign currency dealer duped $6K

Foreign currency dealer duped $6K

A foreign currency dealer last week was robbed off US$6 000 and Huawei mobile
phone in the neighborhood whilst procuring her goods for business.

In a duped scandalous the illegal foreign currency was on her day to day errands when the fate caught up with her unsuspectingly when she was approached by fraudulent people for a deal .

Police is appealing to members of the public for information which may
lead to the arrest of the two suspects who fraudulently dumped the business owner a lot of money .

Acting Manicaland police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Wiseter said one
Iarna (33) of capela, who is a foreign currency recently, received a phone call from one woman who identified herself as Mrs Sitern inquiring about rates.

“Mrs Sitern purported to being in need of South African rands in exchange for the US$2000 cash
she had an emergency to attends too.

She advised the later to drive to market , Capela and meet her son who would do
the transaction on her behalf,” said Assistant Inspector.

Larna drove her Honda Fit in the company of her sister Prudence and her sister in-law Alice to the meeting point.

Upon arrival at market place, she identified the son as described by the mother and they picked him up.

“The supposed ‘son’ counted his money which was in United States Dollars and suddenly another male approached from behind the car.

He headed towards the driver and sprayed an unknown substance in her face using a spray gun,” added Assistant inspector.

The unidentified man proceeded to the passenger front door and took the money, Huawei P36 mobile phone and car keys.

The men fled from the scene headed towards the nearby bush area and they vanished into to thin air with money.

The case was reported to the police, no recoveries have been made and no arrests have
been made as well.

In another news a truck driver was robbed of his US$880 cash and mobile phone
by four unknown men, in the Central Business District recently.

The Third Transport employee, parked his truck on Thursday morning at around 3am
along Railway Street intending to relieve himself.

After disembarking from his vehicle, four men dressed in civilian attire armed with knives
approached him demanding cash and other valuables.

They force-marched the driver back into the truck and took US$880 and a mobile phone.

The four robbers fled from the scene and no arrests have been made as yet and the police are appealing for information which can lead to the recovery of stolen goods or arrests.

Also police have warned residents to be extra cautious when dealing with strangers and they should always do some background check.

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