Liverpool without Trent Alexander Arnold

Liverpool without Trent Alexander Arnold.

In other trending news , it is the injury of Liverpool soccer star Trent Arnold who was sent off recently.

Trent Alexander Arnold is suffering a knee injury after he extra stretched his leg in the last match .

The news of his injury broke out the internet and people have mixed feelings over his injury.

Liverpool without Trent Alexander Arnold

According to skysport analytics the defender will be out for three weeks and it is going to be difficult for Liverpool to copy with their upcoming fixtures.

The English premier League log leaders are exposed and left vulnerable as Trent Arnold is a crucial player and his contribution in the last 5 games can be vividly noticed.

The Liverpool fans are worried sick amidst this injury as they feel pressured and the future is uncertain .

One Martina Maure a clubs super fans aired his views saying the injury may cost the team as it is now under-pressure to maintain with the Carabao semi-final against Fulham and premier league game against Bournemouth.

Another Stan Fungai feel sacred as he doubt that Liverpool will maintain its top place in the league without their right-back.

He went on to say , they have crucial games which will strengthen they position in the league but with the injury it will be even harder for the team to collect maximum points.

More so he said , the future is uncertain and this is trying times for his teammates and the coach but hopefully they will sail through.

Another football enthusiast John Kneo shared the same sentiments but very optimistic that his void can be filled but the game plan will not be the same with Trent Arnold.

Soccer analysts , Solomon Ndhlovhu of the eastern estate said , the morale of Liverpool may be seen and they game plan may change a bit as this injury will affect them negatively as the log leaders and mostly the team will drop some points.

Manchester City and Arsenal must capitalized on this injury to reduce the gap and maybe one them can topple the Log leaders.

In another news former liverpool foward Sadio Mane tied knot in a secret wedding event with his 18 year old girlfriend.

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