What people really think about UN Jobs

What really people think about UN Jobs

What people really think about UN Jobs

Many people seems to get overwhelmed when the term united nations comes to mind or mentioned in passing.

A hand full of people can relate to this , and how the term just fascinates them

UN Jobs as the term is self explanatory , need no introduction by someone out here is just fascinated by the term.

UN Jobs are dream jobs for almost every African child from developing countries due to its alleged well remuneration and its prestigious name as it gives sense of duty .

What really people think about UN Jobs.

Those who are really passionate about serving the world and they really feel that with UN they can serve in greater capacity but have know-how.

Our finding about UN Jobs from People

As we did our quick survey we managed to interview a quite large pool and different demography as to collect as many as possible views before summation.

Here are some of the answers we get.

Arnold Tseham from Harare oldest suburb Highfields , is of the view that UN Jobs are specifically for those who excelled well in school and willing to serve the world whole heartedly .

Chenai Tsumba of whitecliff is of the view that UN Jobs should also cater for specific needs in their ares these includes employment in reputable organziation like UN as it is the only achievement she could really make.

Another political science graduate identified as Chris , is of the intellectual view that United Nation is as much as it is viewed as a prestigious and well remunerated organization.

Its recruitment process believed to be tight although he is still have hope that he will get recruited as a fielder officer but his chances are slim, he said .

Solomon Humbie really thinks United Nations Organization is viewed in different angles accordingly with the level of your understanding as he narrates how growing up he was only taught that UN was a donor later to realize its a governing body.

A former LEO president who once worked under UN as a volunteer said , it is a much needed experience in life which comes with different kind of exposure .


People have different views and thinks different about United Nations and being recruited and work there.

It is a dream yet to come true for many people who still have they hopes high.

Almost everyone interviewed expressed that point that if job vacancy at UN avails it self he/she is willing to take the offer without thinking twice.

Younger ones are fascinated about the ideas of travelling and experiencing the world and different cultures.

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