How long is the nurse aide course

How long is the nurse aide course

How long is the nurse aide course ?

Many people finds themselves asking the above question with no answers .

Well the question may be a rhetoric to others whilst a genuine question for the general populace who really want to know the duration of the course.

so many times the question is asked but a few are able to answer , in details as the courses duration varies from time to time.

well here is the answer to how long is the nurse aide course

How long is the nurse aide course

Well nurse aide or career giving is done in stages and the entry levels differs same as the duration of the courses.

Types of Nurse aide course

Basic level

Basic level , it is the first level of nurse aide , just like any other courses in any field , it covers the introductory aspects and does not give the detailed analysis.

As the introductory phase you will be covering the basics , oral lectures and the general ground of the course.

It is during this time you will learn about basic care giving , first aide and responding to an emergency.

The basic course is conducted in a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 19 days .

hence we can say this course on average is 2-3 weeks.

the basic course has no entry point nor attachment as it is much simpler as compared to others.

everyone is eligible as long as you are literate and you can write.

Level 2

This is the most common level of carer giving and many students opt for it as it his viable and increases ones opportunity to get a job overseas as a nurse aide or care giver.

This levels covers most of the ground and at the end one will be offered certificates after completion.

This level needs a little bit of critical skills hence basic passes to high school diploma is needed for one to be enrolled .

This level dives deep into to the fundamentals of the course and how to treat patients accordingly with their conditions.

Fundamentals of courses combine the patient care, treatment , ethics only to mention a few.

When you enroll for this level industrial attachment at an public health institution is compulsory.

For one to pass and have certification valid for 3-5 years must pass both class exams and the industry atachment.

this nurse aide course duration in total is 6 month including industrial attachment.

Where can you enroll to train as a nurse aide

They are so many accredited training institutions , these Red cross society ocean bird foundation international and Zvandiri.

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