What you really need to know about Nurse aide

what you really need to know about nurse aide or care giving.

Nurse aide is the new lucrative and source of income for many people living in the middle to lower income earning countries.

As you continue to look for greener pastures and nurse aide or care giving course crosses your minds but you literally do not have knowhow or a starting point.

What you really need to know about Nurse aide or care giving.

The profession which sees it’s rise ,post- covid times , and it still on demand in many European countries and locally also.

General care givers or nurse aide assist in the health sector as they closely monitor the patients and commit to serve on a day to day basis.

Nurse aides provides basic care in the day to day life of the patients with chronic diseases, living with disabilities or old-age.

Their duties vary from home based care patients to in house patients.

Duties of a nurse aide

Duties of a nurse aide are job specific as they provide care to the patients.

Upkeep of the patients on recovery path these includes bedding and hygiene services .

Health check ups for Temperature, sugar levels or BP .

Record keeping and maintaining daily schedules

Nurse aides can also offer emotional support to patients .

How to become one

Nurse aide are trained through courses

These course varies with duration and experiences.

These a entry level course starting from 2 weeks to 6 months depending with course level and types

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Nurse aide payrate

The payrate for this profession varies from $14-$23 per hour depending with location .

In the local region it is slightly below that as compared to the UK , USA and Switzerland or the rest of Europe.

Payrate in other zones are subject to work experience in-terms of years of services.

With a flexible working conditions as a care giver annually one can make $25000-$37000 .

Work Permits and Requirements

For one to able to be employed overseas need a certificate of incorporation from a recognized institution.

You need a Visa to work in the UK , USA and most part of Europe

specifically to travel and work in UK COS is needed.

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