Improve your Chances of getting an international scholarship

Improve your chances of getting an international scholarship.

They is a saying which says they are too many fishes in the pound and they is another one which says make hays whilst sunshine last.

These two sayings can be likened to students who are hoping to get greener pastures be it post graduate , undergraduate or phd programs .

Institutions have tendencies of overlooking to the nitty greets and finer details of the applicant.

Improve your chances of getting an international scholarship

One can easily standout by upholding high standards and having in the mind that they are many fishes in the pond and the urgency of making hays whilst sunshine last.

One can achieve this by paying close attention to finer details and particulars.

Many applicants rushedly upload they application without paying much attention to details, application formats, requirements and lastly the deadline.

Firstly, one had to understand the type of scholarship and eligibility before sending his application.

Scholarships varies from partial to full time scholarships one has not to overlook the description as it is the first entry point.

Secondly eligibility comes into effect as soon as you decided to apply for the job.

Scholarships clearly states the eligibility criteria and the student matched the later should proceed apply.


The eligibility factors vary from regions, age groups and financial capacity if it’s a partial scholarship.

If you meet the eligibility and decided to apply then you have to look through the finer details of requirements henceforth before proceeding.

Most applicants overlook the application letter because these days many scholarships are handled electronically.

To be competent enough one had to do his application wholeheartedly as there are many students who meet the requirements as you, so it is the application letter which makes you cut above the rest.

On the application letter one has to bring his A game substantiated with honesty as many people now days mispresents the truth.

The utmost truth about yourself can make you outstanding as many people will be focusing on making look good overlooking the fact that the recruiter or the panel has feelings too.

Lastly please cross check before uploading your application, editing grammar mistakes, crosscheck facts and eligibility before uploading.

When you feel everything is up to the required make the application and make sure you attached the required qualification.

Last but not least make a follow up within a space of biweekly to see if your scholarships application has been processed.

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