Indigenous Knowledge Systems aligns with UN sustainable development careers

Indigenous Knowledge Systems aligns with UN sustainable development careers

Indigenous Knowledge Systems aligns with UN sustainable development careers.

Indigenous Knowledge System empowers the villagers through chilly bombs as a way of curbing
human-wildlife conflict.

Indigenous knowledge is an extensive and valuable system that is
adaptable and dynamic based on skills, abilities, and problem solving techniques that change over
time depending on environmental conditions.

Cheruly ward lies in the elephant corridor of rural district where the animals’ population has been increasing resulting in encroachment into communal areas thereby creating conflict with humans.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems aligns with UN sustainable development careers

Cheruly Ward Councilor, recently encouraged the continued use of Indigenous knowledge systems to promote conservative and endangered species.

The ever increasing numbers of elephants and endangered species is now a cause for concern for people who are living in the region.

“Last season we never had any problems with elephants, because
the communal farmers were well equipped and we managed to yield something from our fields , he said.

The elephant uses the sense of smell a lot and once it inhales chilly it is totally disturbed and
eventually moves away from the areas where there are chilies.

We had limited raids last season.

Previously some people had abandoned their fields because of elephants,” he said adding that this
was no longer the cases since the introduction of chilli bombs.

The Councillor encouraged those farmers who had abandoned their farms to return and
use the abandoned farms and embrace the chilly bombs.

Elephants usually move be- tween dusk and dawn when the farmers have already retired to
their houses for the night.

We have been using guns to shoot in the air to scare elephants
off, but we have realized that chili is a better alternative in terms of
efficiency and safety,” said a farmer.

Since the 1990s, academic conservationists have reported that
chillies are efficient at repelling elephants.

Elephants, with their long noses their trunks have one of the most acute senses of
smell in the animal kingdom.

Chilli smoke stimulates their factory receptors and their respiratory tract is extremely sensitive to the unpleasant smell.

The irritation from the unpleasant smell is well enough to put them
off coming back to the area for at least a few days afterwards.

The conservative scheme by the wildlife and parks have created many employment opportunities in the area and aligned with the socio-economic sustainability.

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