Road habilitation Contract Job , apply now

Road rehabilitation contract job , apply now and work for a greater cause of national development.

A vacancy has arisen in the regional construction and road rehabilitation program in line with the devolution funds recently availed to local authorities.

The conduct road maintenance and rehabilitation program will cover most part of the marginalized country roads and services the main roads.

This project will see a huge development in transport and infrastructure development as the transport systems will be double scaled upon completion of this project.

Men power will be subcontracted to do the work by the main contractor, thus creating employment for the local man .

Road habilitation contract job , apply now

Due to the current economic conditions , inflation and the political interface, the Road Rehabilitation Programme become stagnant as all those mentioned factor delayed progress.

Elections also downplayed the project as politician solely focused on winning rather than completing the project.

Likely the Seizable kilometer was maintained and rehabilitated during the second quarter of last year.

More-so Former contractor was obligated to fulfill 57 kilometers road resurfacing that had a shortfall due to misuse of state funds.

Hence the new contract unveils details of obligations and accountability , and had vowed to deliver the national development needed.

He shed more light saying as patriotic citizens we should always put our nation at heart , and the devolution funds should be used responsibly.

He agreed to sign the contract considered by many unfair and not beneficial to the contractor.

Contract breach will lead to termination of the vacancy and refund as highlighted in the contract of the local governance.

Suitable candidates are encouraged to apply for the job and work for a good cause of development.

Candidates shortlisted for the Job will be contacted for site viewing , preparation and consultations.

Civil Engineers , Brick layers, crude smith and road experts are encouraged to apply to be accreditation .

Consultation and bidding system will be open to everyone.

Apply now and seize the opportunity to work with the ministry of roads.

The road rehabilitation scheme is part of the vision 2030 and building a sustainable economy by 2030

Improving accessibility through transport and system will open many doors and trade routes.

the routes which are to be rehabilitated links three major board town and many trucks uses these roads in and out the country.

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